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The Estate

A beautiful adventure…


Pierry the estate is a remarkable site, haven of peace, a preserved islet by his belt of wood with on opening on stunning landscapes, and on the Mont Ventoux. The protecting giant of Provence inspires and Beeps watch.

In a world of false pretence where opinions are forgets, through fashionable and virtual phenomenon, a universe where it’s enough to claim yourself a star to become one, rarely a man, a place are so much in osmosis. They breathe in common the simplicity, the generosity, the respect.

Vue sur le Ventoux depuis le Domaine
Pierry Le Domaine


Forged by his background Pierry is respectful of his origins, his roots. Inspired by the love of his Family, he goes to the end of his dreams, he doesn’t leave anything to luck, builds step by step his path. Pierry is a man of values. A true earthling.

Part of his family have been farmers since the revolution. He has invested himself and he is very proud of his heritage, of his identity, of this philosophy.

By his wine-grower work, Pierry enters into communion with this ancestors, and thus pays tribute to this father Robert, gone too soon, to his grandfather Pierre, hand working, humble and wise who stays a role model. As a child, he already dreams of having his own viticultural estate. This man is going to transform his dream into reality. He works really hard, supported by his wife and his children. He cleans and restores the blanquettes, plants the most adapted cépages in accordance with the exposition of the sun and the soil. He stacks stones, sharper wood beams and from a ruin makes a beautiful house, fully integrated with the landscape.
He builds from his own hands his cave, his tasting cellar, thanks to his technical knowledge and expertise and his manual skills, fifteen years of non-stop work to settle, to embellish, to tame, to landscape, but what’s a result!


Doing everything by himself? It couldn’t have been different, to each their own challenges, their Himalaya. Today, the result forces the respect. Pierry talks about it as necessary. Only the twinkle in his eyes and a little smile betray in this shy man, his proudness of this past achievement.

La convivialité
Famille Reyanud
Marine, Amandine & Morgan Reynaud


Pierry has reassembled around him some skilled people, not to leave anything to chance. All work towards the same objective.

  • Family :

Pierry knows that none of it would have been possible without Amandine who inspires him and his children Marine and Morgan who support him. Family is a powerful “engine” and each in their own way do bring their support, their energy, their labour, their skills depending of their means and availability. Pierry knows he can rely on them. In the future, in their turn his two children will take over with respect of this family heritage. They already measured their responsibility of this duty and are prepared to be there for the long haul.

  • Employee :

Nathalie works alongside Pierry for all the technical gestures on the vineyard. Planting, cutting, suckering. She gets the help of the family and friends during the grape picking season.

  • The forever friend :

This gallery would not be complete if we didn’t mention Patrice Chevalier, the forever friend, the brother of all projects, the confident. He is also a wine maker at Vaison La Romaine at the Mas Pouperas, a well-known estate in the area. Both friends have the same exigence about quality.

Le Vignoble de Pierry le Domaine
Puiser l'inspiration

The Vineyards


The red Grenache noir, Syrah, Marsellan, Cinsault and the white, Viognier Grenache blanc, Clairette represent a surface of 13 hectars spread in Ventoux, Côtes du Rhône and in appellation Côtes du Rhône Village Séguret. These grape varieties have been planted in accordance with the soil of each plot of land and their exposition for them to release the most beautiful aromatic expression. To make great wines you need great grapes.

Pierry does everything to respect the environment and optimize the quality of the berries, plot of land by plot of land.



To make high quality it is not enough to limit the yield. One must be vigilant constantly as all those technical gestures are important. Pierry takes a new look at himself and refineshis farming methods along the years.

Respectful of the environment and turned to nature, the vineyard is work on according to the sun and the moon. The vineyard is certified in Organic Agriculture.

The hives are implanted on the edge of the plot of land. The cutting starts at the first frost.

Work on the soil is privileged. The wooden residues of cutting are crushed and buried. Soils are amended with organic material to preserve and increase microbotic life. They are work on according to the humidity, then this work is stopped during the hot spells.

Work on the soil is privileged. The wooden residues of cutting are crushed and buried. Soils are amended with organic material to preserve and increase microbotic life. They are work on according to the humidity, then this work is stopped during the hot spells. To protect the vineyard, the interventions are well thought about. The principle is to intervene after the consequent rain falls above 25 mn, below this the vineyard protect itself. Pierry, from the staged exposition of his pot of lands, enjoys a precious allied, the Mistral a wind which dries and cleans up. The foliar surface is studied to limit the input and manage the exposition of the bunch of grapes in the sun.

End of August, the grapes are tasted at the plot of land, in order to find the optimum time to start the grape picking season: tasting the skin, crunching the pips, checking the nothing is left to chance.

When allof those sensory analysis are at their optimum, the grape picking season can start. Pierry knows that one has to be patient to make great wines.

The grapes are picked up early in the morning to keep them fresh and not to change the quality at good maturity, by hand by crate, which allows to sort out the berries.

Pierry obtain thanks to the precision of his work and the potential of his terroir a subtile balance between material and freshness. The pebbles give back during the night the heat stored up during the night the heat stored up during the day and the staged exposition at the North of the vineyard give while keeping a beautiful freshness.

The Cave

The first vinification in 2006 did happen at a friend’s and since that day the obsession of creating a perfectly adapted cave has become an objective an evidence. With patience and reflexion Pierry and his young son started the work in April 2013 to finish it in June 2017. It took them 5 years to realise this cave entirely built by themselves. Everything was thought about to make micro vinifications at the plot of land and to have the best choice to your disposition to obtain the best.

Whites and Rosé wines are made by direct pression and the fermentation at low heat in steal.

The Red wines are scraped then the grain go through the press. The grapes do ferment for 21 days. During that time, the juices are regularly brought back up, aired and pigeage.  After fermentation, the juices are separated: “jus de coule”, grain go through an inert pneumatic press “jus de presse”.

Blending is made after a long tasting of the juices, to give the best expression to our wines.

The cuvee 210 Séguret is aged in oak barrels. The aging of the wine last for twelve months. They come from the cooperage Francais. In this way the cuvee 210 Red in oak barrels with a medium toast level. They come from the cooperage Vallaurine. The wood is oak Merrai, left bank.

Between tradition and high technology, Pierry is sensitive to the durable development. 46 Kw of electricity are produced by solar panels, the estate is totally energy self-sufficient. In order to respect a little bit more nature, to naturally regulate the cellar and our wines, in summer as in winter we have created a Provençal well.

Pierry le Domaine
accords mets-vins


It offers the visitors three possible location for the wine tasting on the estate, in terms of desires and seasons… Or at the source in the cave or at the convivial caveau. But the best to understand the estate and the surrounding nature is to take the wine in the cabin in the top plots of lands.

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